Label Amendments (24c) for aerial application


* Onager (hexythiozox) - Miticide

* Acramite (bifenazate) - Miticide


New Chemicals for 2004

* Spartan (sulfentrazone) - Pre-emergent herbicide


Potential new chemicals for 2004

* Actara (thiomethoxam) - Insecticide

* Intrepid (methoxyfenozide) - Cutworms/Loopers

* Valor (flumioxazin) - Pre-emergent herbicide


IR-4 field residue trials/food processing studies

* Starane (fluroxypur) - herbicide


Will PROWL come back to Idaho?  That is the million dollar question.  Rumor has it that BASF has gotten verbal approval to have all of their chemicals listed approved by the EPA.  This means that PROWL is on the list for approval of a Section 3 Full Registration.  Let's keep our fingers crossed.